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Excursions from Pushkar

Pushkar Excursions
Kuchaman, Kishangarh, and Roopangarh are some of the better-known excursions from

Pushkar. Ajmer is one of the major cities of Rajasthan and famous for annual urs
celebrated here.

Famous for its fort, a visit to Kuchaman takes you to the magic of a bygone era. You can view the life of Meera Bai in miniature paintings in the Meera Mahal. In the Lok Dev Temple appreciate the beautiful paintings of Lok Devatas such as Sant Tejaji, Sant Gogaji, Sant Pabu Rathore, Baba Ram Dev, Sant Kesaria Kanwarji, Sant Jamboji, Sant Ravi Das, Sant Kabir, Guru Nanak and Khawaja Moinu-din-chisti. The temple was built by Ranjit Singh to honor the sacrifices of the masses. Other attractions in Kuchaman include the Meena Bazaar (a bustling bazaar where merchants, tradesmen and craftsmen used to put up their wares for sale to the royalty) and the China Pole (with its exceptional intricately painted interiors made by a Chinese traveler narrating his experiences during his travels in India).

Kishangarh was a princely state ruled by the Rathores and located on National Highway 8. Apart from its fort, the Kishangarh is known for the miniature paintings style known as Kishangarh Art. Phool Mahal (Flower Palace), now converted into a hotel is the main attraction inside the fort. Kishangarh is also known its rich storehouse of marbles.

Roopangarh was built by King Roop Singh of Kishangarh in 1648. Originally a nine-turreted fort, new additions were continuously made to in the coming years. Difference in the architectural styles can be easily observed in the fort.

Ajmer is a major city in the North Rajasthan and located just 14 km from Pushkar. The most popular attraction in the city is the Dargah or tomb of the 13th centurySufi Saint Hazrat Khwaja Moinuddin Hasan Chisti. Other attractions are the Anna Sagar Lake, the Nasiyan Temple, and the Arhai Din ka Jhonpra.

Sambhar Lake
Sambhar Lake is a declared wetland of international importance and a wonderful place for excursion. It is a place where horizons stretch to infinity and water and skymerge in a shimmer of gauzy blue. The lake is considered as the bird watchersparadise and home to around 140 species of avifauna.

Makrana (marble city)
As the purchasing capacity of every Indian increases with improving per capita income; more and more people are shifting away from the conventional materials of building like clay and concrete. Marble has always been a material to the elite. However with improving purchase power, the middle class are also turning towards marble as a building material.

Shahpura Travel Guide -
Distance : 58km from Bhilwara
Shahpura, Bhilwara

Shahpura used to be the capital of the erstwhile State of Shahpura in the princely days. The rulers belonged to the Sisodia family of Rajputs of Mewar (Udaipur). The town came into existence when it’s first chief, Sujan Singh (grandson of Amar Singh I who ruled from 1597 to 1620), took over in 1629.