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Adventure in Pushkar

Gala dinner with folk dance

Mehfil Theme:The Heritage camps offers "Mehfil" (Theme Dinner)- At the open courtyard with building illumination. Men are provided with colorful turbans & women with colorful ethnic dress. Guests are greeted with garlands and the "tikka" ceremony is performed.

Hot air ballooning pushkar

Take a mid-air parikrama around the holy Pushkar Lake. A flight over Pushkar will give you a kaleidoscopic view of one of the holiest cities of Hindus, home to the only Temple of Bramha in the world.

Village Safari

Rajasthani Villages - Portraying The real india The villages of Rajasthan are a classic way of exploring the arduous life of Rajasthani folks who thrive on the stubborn pulse of nature.Nestling happily on the rugged terrains, the people caress a unique lifestyle that surely.

Pushkar Ghat

Pushkar Ghat is holy to the Hindus and religious eremonies are performed simultaneously as camels are being traded. The night at the fairground takes on a Carnival atmosphere. The ferris wheel attracts line-ups of giggling Rajput women in their richly coloured saris.